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Fortune Star 1D

Playing Fortune Star 1D is relatively easy. Players can place a bet on the number of cars in the range from 0 to 9 and the position/ place of victory of the car (champion, 1st runner up, etc, for instance).

Fortune Star 1D enables players to bet on odd (1,3,5,7,9) or even (0,2,4,6,8). Just like any other standard lottery game, Fortune Star 1D allows both a big bet and a small bet. There is a minimum bet of RM0.10 in this game and players are free to go as high as they want.


Fortune Star 2D

Let’s see in detail how exciting Fortune Star 2D is. This game offers multiple ways for players to participate in this game.

Players can bet on any two-digit numbers ranging from 00 to 99.
Players can bet on color from Red, Blue, Green, Yellow. A series of numbers are covered within the color.
Players can bet in a row. A ten consecutive numbers will be given in any row on the layout.
Players can bet 20 consecutive numbers on the layout, for instance 00 to 19.


Fortune Star 3D

Similarly, Fortune Star 3D enables players to pick three-digit ranging from 000 to 999. Standard and PAU (possible permutations from the selected three-digit number) are the forms of bets that can be chosen from players. Players are free to enter any amount in the bet. That caused the 3D prize to be different.


Fortune Star 4D

4D has been a classic lottery game over the years. Fortune Star 4D enables players to select a four-digit number ranging from 0000 to 9999. Players are required to match more numbers in the draw to get the prize. Fortune Star 4D allows two bet varieties, which are, a big bet and a small bet. Same as any other games, the bigger the bet, the bigger the prize will be.


Fortune Star 5D

To play Fortune Star 5D, players are to select five-digit in the range from 00000 to 99999. To put on your submission, RM1 is the minimum bet. Players will have to match a five-digit draw in order to win the prize tier 1.


Fortune Star 6D

Wondering how to enter Fortune Star 6D? As the name mentioned, Fortune Star 6D enables players to select a six-digit number ranging from 000000 to 999999. The amount of bet determined the prize in the end. To win the top Fortune Star 6D prize, players are to match a six-digit number drawn on the respective day.


Fortune Star 7D

6D games not exciting enough? Lets see if the Fortune Star 7D can tickle your fancy. This game involves the selection of seven-digits in the range from 0000000 to 9999999. With a minimum bet of RM1, players get the chance to win up to RM1,000,000. To win the first/top prize, players are required to match the seven-digit number for the respective drawing.