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Fortune Star 4D

Due to the popularity of the lottery, numerous games like spin-offs and add-ons were created. Fortune Star is one of them.

Fortune Star 4D is a lottery game where players are involved in a random draw for a prize. As time evolves, convenience has become the key to building long-term customer relationships. Fortune Star is no exception. There is an online platform to support players in participating Fortune Star games. With their easy sign up process, secured & guaranteed payout within 2 hours, players’ privacy protection, Fortune Star has successfully attracted a lot of participants in these few years.

What’s more?

Fortune Star 4D gets access to all your favorite types of games in one go, not only 4D, but also 1D, 2D, 3D, 5D, 6D, & 7D. What’s more exciting than increasing consumer choice? That is, an increase in the players participation rate. Unlike other platforms, Fortune Star allows you to play everyday. Also, there is a chance to win a jackpot everyday for each game you participated in.

Our ASIA's general agent is ATM88.

ATM88 has been appointed by Fortune Star to be the licensed agent to distribute Fortune Star games in cross Asia countries. We are now working together with ATM88 to expand Asia's Entertainment Industry.

All Asia's customer can now access our Fortune Star game via www.atm88.asia to get started. We are happy to announce more collaborative partners soon.




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