2D Games

Fortune Star 2D

Let’s see in detail how exciting Fortune Star 2D is. This game offers multiple ways for players to participate in this game.

Players can bet on any two-digit numbers ranging from 00 to 99.
Players can bet on color from Red, Blue, Green, Yellow. A series of numbers are covered within the color.
Players can bet in a row. A ten consecutive numbers will be given in any row on the layout.
Players can bet 20 consecutive numbers on the layout, for instance 00 to 19.

How 2D works?

2D will be open 24 hours a day, every hour you have a chance to win a number. If you buy a 2D number for RM10 per bill, you'll also get a free 7D! You can repeat the bet up to 24 times by clicking the "Rebet" button. This will allow you to repeat the bet continuously throughout the day. There are several ways to place bets in our new 2D game. You can buy 2D numbers here from 00 to 99. Choose your favourite number to enter the bet. You can also buy 2D colors such as red, blue, green and orange. You can buy a 2D head by selecting "Seven" and you can buy all 0 to 9 in front of Seven. You can buy a 2D tail here. Select ”70-79" and you can buy all 0 to 9 on the back of the Seven. For a RM1 bet: Buy a number and get RM60 Buy a color and get RM2.50 Buy Heads/Tails will get RM6.00 Buy every 20 will get RM3.00.

How to check winning?

You can check 2D winning by the table calculation below:


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